The doctors at OBGYN Associates will help you navigate the multitude of concerns that a mom-to-be has.

These concerns range from the sex of the baby to unexpected cramps or questions about nutrition and exercise.  You will be provided with guidance and the best medical care available during your pregnancy and delivery.

Schedule your first appointment as soon as you know you’re pregnant or think you are pregnant.  You may want to schedule a New OB Education appointment if you are a first-time mother or it’s your first time being pregnant at OBGYN Associates of Des Moines.  The doctors will answer all of your questions and inform you on what to expect.  Getting early medical care is essential to ensure you and your baby are healthy right from the start.

Your doctor will talk to you about any medication you take to be sure they are safe.  Chronic health conditions and how they can affect you and baby during pregnancy.  Nutrition is so vital for your baby and you need to know about foods you should avoid or limit.

As an OB patient you can count on comprehensive and compassionate care from the experts at OBGYN Associates as they provide:

  • Medical care throughout your pregnancy and delivery
  • Support and guidance, they are here to help
  • Prenatal care
  • Ultrasounds
  • Advice on genetic testing

Genetic testing is a very personalized decision that depends on family history, but it is ultimately your decision.  There are many different testing options and your physician will go over these and answer any questions.